Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Attempt to Squash My Basic Freedoms

It's been crazy here lately dealing with all these legal motions, court documents and proceedings.  Please allow me to explain.

Shortly after my trip to Ralfy's place in Skii Island Scotland, I received a knock on my front door.  When I opened it, a man handed me an official document for which I had to sign.  After closing the door and reading the envelop, I quickly realized this was no joke.  The return address was from the District Attorny of Brattleboro, KY - Jeremaiah Behoozlemouth.  I quickly yanked the FedEx strip to unleash the letter within and after first quickly scanning it and then closely reading it, I was in absolute shock for it was a CLASS ACTION lawsewt against me.  The companies whom were listed in the suit were:

Heavens Hill
Sanseric/Buffalo Trance
Old Rip Von Wrinkles
Wood Ford Preserve
Shively Exports
Cadbury Schweepes
Jim Beem
Knot Creek
Fortune 500
Black Foreman
Wild Turkey

The State court of KY ordered me to decease and cist all blog entries until further noted.  How ridiculous, I thought.  Geez, just because I am public figure with a pulse on the bourbon industry and the ear of bourbon-consuming people, does not mean you attempt to shut down one of our most basic freedoms as an American people as noted in the Declaration of Independence - the Freedom of Writing, Talking and Opinionizing.

Since the beginning of this blog, I have never catered to bourbon industry nor the bourbon consumers.  Instead, I told it like it was and is, with fact-based reporting (something so lost in the world of Professional journalism today) and opinion. 

I've keep quiet over this last month or so, pondering what to do.  Should I Lawyer Up, or should I represent myself "Pro Quid" as they say in Latin Law?  Then this morning came upon me like a sulfer bomb in a school cafiteria.  I wolk up bushy eyed bright haired and said, "You know what, I ain't gonna be bullied.  No way, no how."  And that's when I decided to BLOG ON...And so that's just what I'm doing.

Could you believe that I even thought of shutting this site down like the referandum stated?!  I am not going to my knees to bow to these political/law-type people who drew up such a suit!  I am going sit tall and fight the fight until I win (or get paid a ton by counter-sewing them).

Anyway, I will keep you posted as to what happens.  Please bear with me during this trying time and I promise I will make you proud (not you, you distillerator owner, but you the consumers).



P.S.  If you are for me, please add a comment saying as such.  I will attempt to used this evidence as a petition.  You do not have to use your real name.