Thursday, September 1, 2011

Online Chat with Uncle Johnny

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be invited onto Chuck Cowdery's blog for a live chat.  So as not to be inundated with spam, Chuck made it so all questions were not posted live but were first reviewed, selected and then posted with my answers.  We had a great time and once again, thanks, Chuck, for inviting me to share my wisdom about all things Straight Bourbon.

Have a read:

BourbonHoundinMI:  John, I love your blog.  The best in the biz, and you knowledge is unbelievable!  What do you think of KBD (Kentucky Bourbon Distillers)?

Uncle Johnny:  Thanks for the praise, BHMI.  I was fortunate enough to be invited down for a tour and a sampling of some white dog fresh off both a row still and potstill.  Evan Cussvein is the owner and Master Distillerator and what a guy he is.    He's the great nephew Johnny Willett though he obviously doesn't have the same last name.  I immediately called him out on this but he shrugged it off by saying that Johnny Willett's sister was his great aunt and married his great uncle Paddy Cussvein.  I'm still very skeptical but other than that, he's a great guy.

Anyway, he has a nice wheaterized Bottles in Bond called "Wheat As All Get-Out" which is unbelievable and very comparable to the legendary Snitzel and Weeler brand bourbons.  We also tasted a 8 year old and a 10 year old (they've only been distillerating bourbon for 10 years, all other bourbon prior to this comes from Evan's Hill and is repackaged under the Willett name).  The 8 year, 199 proof was awesome and hardly burned going down while the 10 year, 70 proof was just okay.

Overall, great distillery and master distillerator.

SloopJohnE:  John, what are your thoughts on Pappy Van Winkle 20 years bourbon?

Uncle Johnny:  It aint bad but it sure as shit ain't no Jimmy Drum.  It's far too acrid and woody for my taste and it has a very metalic taste to it.  But to each is own.

BubBourbon1973:  A lot of people view your blog as nonsensical and full of mytical stories that don't add up to history.  And some of these people get down-right pissed off and find your blog abusive to all things bourbon.  What are you thoughts?  Care to clear the air?

Uncle Johnny:  Thanks for the tough but fair question.  Everyone knows me in the industry.  I'm highly respected and regarded by many, if not all, within the bourbon industry and widely considered the Matt Jackson of the bourbon industry.  My knowledge is so vast.  Those who disagree with my facts, please feel free to call me out on it and I will gladly back my so-called mythical stories with absolute fact.  As far as people hating my blog.  That's just silly.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  That's what I do.

RalphsodyinBourbon:  What's your take on BT experimentals as well as Woodford Reserve as well?

Uncle Johnny:  With BT, most of what they put out (and I get all the samples and when I say samples, these are handles, not 750's or 375's, etc.) on the experimental side hasn't been good at all.  Regarding Woodford Reserve, they've had some duds as well but the Seasonized South American Oak was awesome and I highly recommend it.  But definitely stay away from the WR Cherry Finish, it's horrible.  So horrible, that I'm wondering if they used cherry wood varnish and not real cherry trees.

ChrisJackson1121:  Simple question.  What's your favorite all-time bourbon.

Uncle Johnny:  Simple question deserves a simple answer.  I would definitely go with the 1954 Ten High Bottles in Bond.  What makes this so special is its subtlety at 100 proof, it's depth of profile and long finish all resulting from the bourbon glout era (1949 - 1962) and was 37 years old.  Normally, I don't like any bourbon over 10 years old, this was amazing.

LympDiskitt:  What's your favorite color?

Uncle Johnny:  Bourbon red. :D

DZell:  What's your favorite bourbon message forum?  And what do you think of

Uncle Johnny:  Aside from my site, and  I highly recommend those for sure.  Regardin  It should be called  Terrible wasteland.  Don't even bother going there.

Sadistic Sal:  You do realize that your blog is founded in fiction and that none of what you've written is actual bourbon fact.  Shoot, it's not even the typical mythical stories we normally read about bourbon.  why waste everyone's time, including your own?

Uncle Johnny:  I'm not wasting anyone's time.  In fact, I've received so many comments and emails stating how much they love my site for its accuracy and for finally cleaning up the history of bourbon to make sure everyone get the clearest and most concise and correct version.  That's what my site is about.

I tell you what.  If you find something factually incorrect, let me know.  If I cannot back that story with facts, I will take it down and write a huge apology.  But, trust me, it would be like fishing in above-ground pool.

Poppy Dole:  What's your relationship with Chuck?  Are you two friends.

Uncle Johnny:  Oh yes.  Me and Chuck has been friends for years and I really tought him the way of bourbon and was, and still am (as Chuck wants me to mention) his mentor.  I love the guy and he's like a little brother to me.

Uncle Johnny:  Alright everyone.  It's been a pleasure.  Sorry that I couldn't get through all the questions but I may post the interesting ones on my blog later in the week.  Just way too many to answer now - I think I got through like 1/100 of the questions.

Have a great night! --John

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