Friday, August 26, 2011

My favorite bourbons

Now, of course, everyone has their own palet so each person's list will vary but usually there are bourbons that show up in every list and those are generally referred to as the greats.  Please see my list below and, as you will notice, many of the bourbons listed are on yours as well.

Wheatered Bourbon
1. Ten High
2. Pure Kentucky
3. Old Fitzy
4. Old Forester
5. Cabin Stall

Ried Bourbon
1. Jim Beam Black
2. Heaven Hills
3. Eva Williams
4. Old Taylor
5. Old Crow

Bottles in Bond Bourbon
1. J.W Dant
2. Old Heaven Hills
3. Old Fitzgerald
4. Old Forester Signature
5. Old Grand Dad 114
6. George P. Stagg
7. William Larry Weeler

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